This is seriously the last villager I’m looking for, and you won’t have to see anymore of these posts from me. I hope you guys still believe in me & support me past last night, that was horrible. I would never scam any of you because I understand how much that hurts.

Ankha is my last dreamie. My friend KT and I worked really hard last night, in our cycle town and in our campsites, and I finally got Ankha in my second copy’s town. I was ecstatic and we did a happy dance and screamed.

I put Ankha in boxes and put my personal copy into my ds. I got one of my villagers out to make a spot for her.. and then I messed up. I had a really bad day yesterday and my brain wasn’t thinking straight.

I kept Ankha in boxes too long, and when I put my second copy into my fiance’s DS, the dates didn’t match, and she was voided.

I freaked out and deleted the second copy’s file, attempting to restart until I got Ankha starting in a town, I did it until late late late in the night until I got too upset and had to go to bed.

I’m really looking for her, because she is my OTP with Lucky. I don’t have much to offer, because I deleted the save with my cycling villagers. I can offer you my life savings of 14 mil bells. I can offer you a dreamie you have by trying to get them in my cycling town. My beautiful and amazing friend Katy is offering some of her villagers Flurry, Static, Melba, Rosie, Beau, Curlos and Chadder. I have rare sets such as the Mermaid, Creepy, Princess, Full lovely and rococo, Regal, 7-11, some of the sloppy set. I have tons of hybrids, if you’ve ever seen my town it’s litterally pink roses everywhere. I also have some blue and purple roses I can offer you. Please. I don’t want to play because it just upsets me how much I muffed up after all that crap yesterday.

This is the last sob story you’ll have to hear from me. Thank you for reading & I hope I can make you as happy as you’ll make me.

<3 I love you guys.